>least complicated- the blog I never posted


I’ve been inspired to start a blog. Inspired by the movie Julie & Julia, inspired by my hilarious girlfriend Jen, inspired by Audrey, the uber-mom blogger from my hometown, inspired by all my friends who have told me over the years “You should start a blog.” And I always thought, “Eew, how queer is that?” But I’m mostly just blogging because EVERYONE else does and I am a total follower that can’t stand being left out of a trend. So, even if, like Ugly Betty, I am so late to the party…Rival assistant’s Mark’s reaction to Betty’s new blog:
“Congratulations, welcome to six years ago. I’m sorry, that was unfair. Welcome to two years ago.”

Sometimes, as a mom, I wish I could be welcomed back to 50 years ago. When my grandmothers were raising kids. When kids went out to play in the neighborhood and came home when the street lights were on. Before the term “playdate” (thankfully, my 9 yr old has forbidden this word, he just “hangs out”), before gym memberships, before PURELL, for the love of God!

Other days I think of the moms I observed on a trip to the Netherlands when my kids were babies, who rode bikes around town in skirts and without helmets, while I wore workout clothes and pushed a double jogger the size of European cars. (I’ve made a conscious effort not to wear workout clothes outside the gym after that trip.) I saw those pretty scarves tied on their handlebars and just knew why French (or Dutch) women don’t get fat.

But then I freakin’ love my fully loaded minivan. I love facebook and Gossip Girl and I text like a teenager. While I wish my kids went and skated on the ponds in the afternoon, I spend embarrassing amounts of money on hockey camps and clinics. Being a mom of school aged kids in 2010? As they say on facebook…it’s complicated.

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3 Responses to >least complicated- the blog I never posted

  1. Bizee Mama says:

    >Welcome! Great 1st blog post I enjoyed reading it! Thanks to Audrey I stopped by! :]Stop by Bizee Mama's Secrets and say Hi if you get a minute! Look forward to future posts! http://www.bizeemamax6.blogspot.com~Kimberlyaka Bizee Mama

  2. CPA Mom says:

    >Here from the uberfantastic Audrey. Welcome to the pond!

  3. Meg says:

    >Oh my gosh, thank you! I didn't even realize Audrey had shared. Thanks for the welcome ladies.

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