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Taking On The Muffia

Good Morning my pretties!  I have promised you my tips on dealing with The Muffia…the mean girls of motherhood, and here they are.  (If you need a refresher on the different characters, see here: Inside The Muffia) The Associate:  The associate is … Continue reading

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Understanding the Muffia

Yesterday I fulfilled my promise to describe the Muffia, but I did it in a silly way, describing particular members of the Muffia and their personal styles…I was kidding!  I was not describing actual people I know, or as some thought, … Continue reading

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Inside the Muffia

Yesterday I made a promise I almost immediately regretted: to blog today about the elementary school mom that resembles the high school sophomore/junior mean girl.  Or as I like to call them, The Muffia…(I got this phrase from the book … Continue reading

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Being a Freshman Elementary School Mom

This will be an ongoing series, because there is a lot to say.  I had the idea to blog about the social structure of the moms in elementary school at our school’s Arts Night last Thursday.  Truthfully, I haven’t spent much time at the kids’ school … Continue reading

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The last day of Mite Hockey, for a little while

Last Saturday was my daughter’s last Mite game and…wait for it…they WON!  It was so sweet to see those little Bad News Bears go out on a win, and see our phenomenal goalie, Anthony get a SHUT OUT.   In the last few seconds … Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday: Wine called Red Velvet Cupcake? dare I say it…

Winning!  <I know, it’s totally last week’s phrase…is there a replacement for winning yet?, please let me know> If you had a really annoying day at work, discussed lacrosse sweatpant logos on the phone while schlepping three boys and all their crap … Continue reading

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My five year old NHL fan

My littlest guy is the BIGGEST hockey fan in the house.  In fact, just by spending two mornings a week home alone with him, as he watches recorded games before PM kindergarten; I have started to become an NHL fan! I don’t … Continue reading

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Weight Issues Wednesday: My husband started a diet.

I have always wanted to try one of these fancy, expensive diet centers, with the shakes, and the drugs, etc.  But I never dared, because I assumed my husband would be against it.  For many reasons, mainly the cost, and … Continue reading

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Nutmeg Monday~Empire State of Mind

So far in my blog I have avoided telling my long-winded stories about my silly life, but today feels like a good day for a good long Meg story. Let me start by announcing how excited I am to be invited … Continue reading

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Will my Spring be filled with Lax Bros?

Happy first day of spring.  The regular season of hockey is finally over in our house and that means one thing- lacrosse.  As a boardmember for our local lacrosse leagues I have been in charge of ordering uniforms, along with … Continue reading

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