The check heard round the world

Well now that I have put the word “hockey” in my blog title, I would be remiss not to blog about THE topic of the last week:  Boston Bruin’s  Zdeno Chara’s check on the Montreal Canadiens Max Pacioretty. Full disclosure, I guess I am a Bruins fan…or at least I am raising two little Bruins fans.  I might secretly be a Caps fan, but that’s because I can’t get enough of Ovi on Twitter.  But we are a Bruins family, and my ten year old’s wardrobe is about 70% Chara jerseys and tee shirts which he rotates.  (Did you hear that teachers?…he isn’t wearing the same shirt everyday. Usually.)

I’ve listened to Boston sports radio this week and the chatter around the rinks, most people around here are agreeing with the NHL’s decision not to fine or suspend Chara.  I understand their point of view.  Most say it was just the spot in the rink where he got hit, that they should fine the architect of the rink if anyone. Two seconds later, none of this would have happened.  If football is a game of inches, hockey is a game of seconds.  There was a lot of bad luck involved here. 

I’ve seen the video of a hit Max Pacioretty put on Mark Eaton, to show he has dished it out as well.

I haven’t seen this close up image that often around New England:


As a child of the Cold War, I do find it a bit ironic that my boys cheer for the 6’9 Czech player. When I was a little girl I would have been afraid of Zdeno. He would have reminded me of the opponont in Rocky IV!  I guess I should be grateful my kids live in a different time, and that they are loyal to their hero. But I’m a  mom. Max Pacioretty is a 22 year old kid from Connecticut…just a couple of hours down the road.  He’s living my boys’ dream, and this was a reminder of how quickly a little boys dream can turn into a mom’s nightmare.  I know a couple of little hockey players named Max and I can’t help but see their heads going into that stanchion when I see this picture. 

A mom’s advice to the NHL and the Canadian Mounties, if they are reading:  Be consistent.  Pick a rule and stick with it.  If my daughter hits her brother and it doesn’t hurt, but then he hits her back and she is crying, they still need to be punished equally.  It’s the hit I’m punishing not the hurt. 

Also, give your players a little credit.  I think it’s reasonable to expect them to know where they are on the ice, what a hockey rink looks like, and what could paralyze someone.  They aren’t robots or animals, or that big giant guy in Rocky IV, and they make a lot of money.  Consider creating a penalty for checking in a dangerous location.  (or something.)

And lastly, to Zdeno- play nice, my boys are looking (way) up to you!

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2 Responses to The check heard round the world

  1. Liza says:

    love the rocky reference, lol! new blog is great! my computer did NOT blow up this time! 🙂

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