Will my Spring be filled with Lax Bros?

Happy first day of spring.  The regular season of hockey is finally over in our house and that means one thing- lacrosse.  As a boardmember for our local lacrosse leagues http://eglax.org I have been in charge of ordering uniforms, along with logo clothes to sell (spirit sweats, if you will) so I have spent a lot of time on lacrosse websites and at The Gob Shop, the sporting goods store over by my hometown.  Now I am so proud that my hometown of Barrington, RI is a lax town now.  My dear friend Eleanor made this happen when she started a girls lacrosse team, the first of any public school almost…pause…20 years ago- wow.  I must write a whole blog about that soon. 

However I was a little surprised by the pinnies the boys in the 02806 are sporting this year- East Bay Lax Bros.  Really?  Being old and uncool and a girls coach, I had thought that Lax Bro was a derogatory term.  I assumed it was like when we called the hockey boys puckheads in high school.  Or when kids really into skating style were called posers in middle school…either way I was a little grossed out by that team name. 

Now I’m not totally clueless.  I’ve kicked around the lax websites enough to pick up on the terms “flow” and “chill bro” and “do work, son” and I have been involved in ordering our own EG Lax sublimated (aka wacky printed) shorts, so I get the style…or the flow, as it were.  And let me tell you, boys, I mean bros…I’ve known lax bros.  I went to prep school in the 90’s.  There was plenty of flow to go around.  This is nothing all that new.  Except maybe the shorts- I am pretty sure those shorts are new. 

I love the sport of lacrosse and I love that it’s getting so wildly popular across the country.  I wonder if that’s because of or in spite of the lax bro culture.  As we’ve seen at Duke and University of Virginia, the  media is quick to pick up on the overpriveledged, party boy, d-bag lacrosse player.  There’s a reason for that, there are a lot of them.  But there’s good guys out there that play lacrosse too, and not all lax players are rich kids anymore.  As we recruit more and more little kids- my league’s kindergarten division has 90 kids signed up this year!- should we be recruiting little Lax Bros?  I’m not sure. 

I came home from Gob Shop that day and found Lacrosse Magazine in the mailbox.  On the cover? “36 Reasons to Love or Hate a Lax Bro”  What do you think?


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2 Responses to Will my Spring be filled with Lax Bros?

  1. Eleanor says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! So excited for you (and a wee bit jealous) that you are back in the game. BTW, where in the world do you find the time to post so long and so often with your crazy life? I’m thankful though!

    • Meg Handy says:

      Hey El- I am really trying to get into blogging more and I’ve been told I need to blog every day- yikes! I just write things at night on my laptop on the couch, nothing fancy.

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