Hockey Mom Takes Manhattan

I am up early on a Saturday and <gasp> not heading to the rink.  I’m driving down to New York City for my very first blogging event.  My friend Audrey and her friend Vera, who I can’t wait to meet are hosting this event for bloggers to meet brands who want to meet bloggers.  Getting Gorgeous , sounds good to me.  I love saying the word event, it sounds so fancy.  I’m going to call everything events from now on- “sorry, I’m busy Monday night, I have an event.”  …(called a Mite hockey game)

So anyway, I am terrified to go down there.  Not because of my previous run-in with the Brooklyn tow truck mafia, they have nothing on the Muffia hit that’s been put out on me this week.  Besides, I’m taking my husband’s car.

a)  This is for legit pro-bloggers and I just started blogging like an hour ago

b)  All the bloggers are super cute and stylish…and well, yeah I am too but I’m just not feelin it these days what with the extra 50 lbs and all (Medi Weight Loss appt 8am Monday- whoot!)

c) I am a walking faux paus due to my last minute preparations.  My cell phone number is wrong on hilariously hack business cards and I woke up with a BAD spray tan.  I don’t even want to talk about it.  I went at 8:00 last night and I guess I stood in the machine wrong, that is all I can say.  Just call me Dee-Zaster.

Uggh…thank goodness my wing-woman from my college days, the unstoppable force that called Carrie is going to accompany me to the event.  I am really going to need her.  Ok, time to hit the road!!

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4 Responses to Hockey Mom Takes Manhattan

  1. shawna scotti says:

    You are an amazing blogger, you have us hooked! Go have a wonderful day, It sounds so exciting you are a Hockey Mom you can handle everything! Can’t wait to read your posts later.

  2. liza says:

    I am kinda terrified too 🙂 I’m sure you look great and so do your busn cards. We all have to start somewhere. I feel new too. Today is going to be great and we’ll wonder what we ever worried about. See you soon!

  3. Jennifer Buckley says:

    Good luck Meg!!! Have a blast! Very exciting!

  4. Judy says:

    Meg – you are going to be awesome – no doubt in my mind – can’t wait to hear all about it!! and don’t worry about the Muffia – I’ve got a guy…

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