Getting Gorgeous with Degree NYC 2011

I apologize for going blogless for two days.  There has been a lot of work, laundry, emotionally exhausting hockey tryouts and also I am starving to death on Medi Weight Loss and too hungry to blog.  But I must fill you in on last weekend. 

It was a GORGEOUS weekend in New York City.  Saturday was so warm and sunny and all the New Yorkers were out in full force with their dogs, babies, etc.  Love those days in the city.  My friend Carrie, her GORGEOUS little one Rosie, and I hit the Getting Gorgeous event for the afternoon.  The Metropolitan Pavillion is a great venue. The room was crisp, white and sunny which made all the colors really pop.  It felt like spring indoors. 

Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney had worked hard and brought in a great variety of brands from across the mommy spectrum: Degree, Tide, Weight Watchers, Goody Hair, Hanes, the list went on and on…all the stuff moms buy, and blog about.  Oh, and the real live Liz Lange was there! of Target maternity fame!  I resisted the urge to tell her all about borrowing my friend’s size XS maternity Liz Lange black beach cover up and wearing it as a sexy going out dress last summer- and getting tons of compliments.  If I ever meet her again, I am telling the story.  

A Small Sampling of My Getting Gorgeous Shwag!

 Above is just a small sampling of my free gorgeous goodies!

My Personal Getting Gorgeous Highlights

* Belli :  organic skincare brand for moms and babies.  I just loved talking with the Belli rep because she was so on point with the event.  She showed me her products then asked me about my blog.  When I told her I wrote about big kid stuff, she immediately thought my readers would be interested in their Kelo-cote Scar Gel, or maybe the Eye Brightening Creams for tired hockey moms.  And of course she had lots of free samples.

* Hanes  Hanes gave away free socks.  This was a game changer for me as I had made a bad shoe choice and never wear socks unless I am working out.   Good thing I had them because Carrie and I logged 4 miles that GORGEOUS afternoon on the pedometer we got from Degree Women. 

* Simply Orange two words: MI MOSA.  and a coupon for a free half gallon which has already been redeemed for their apple juice- big hit so far.

* Amy Tara Koch/Bump it Up maternity lounge was serving Georgetown Cupcakes.  My first time having them.  The Red Velvet was my favorite, then I tried the Mint Chocolate Chip, defintitely yummy but not as good as the Red Velvet.  I actually cannot get over how the cupcake trend has really zeroed in on Red Velvet (why do I keep capitalizing Red Velvet??) and I think I am going to write a whole rant blog about that.  P.S. Most of her fashionable pregnancy tips are coincidentally my basic fashion rules for life, kind of amusing because my bump has no baby, but is there none the less. 

*Lifetime  Really excited about the way the Lifetime Moms Network wants to partner with more bloggers and feature content on their site.  It really got me thinking a lot about the future of all this mom blogginess. 

*Having my girl Carrie with me!  Carrie is a freelance writer who has been featured in the New York Times and just happens to have a design blog:  AND now a baby, so I guess that makes her a mom blogger! 

Rosie and I at our French cafe wine and mussels lunch after Getting Gorgeous

Audrey's hubby Matt, my kindergarten dropoff buddy (we're both late a lot- to PM kindergarten)


Miracle Body Swimwear- cute right? One pieces are so in this year.


I am lucky to have Audrey as a friend because she has truly given me the skinny on mom blogging.  My only regret about Saturday was not meeting more bloggers.  But Carrie and I definitley left inspired and chatted most of the weekend about which direction  to take our blogs.  I’ve started to think really big when it comes to building a hockey mom community… but first I am going to work on prettying up my website and making a page for the Muffia Chronicles…I promise more Muffia!

 Audrey and I. (borrowed this pic from Audrey) 

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2 Responses to Getting Gorgeous with Degree NYC 2011

  1. Audrey - Mom Generations says:

    THANK YOU MEG FOR COMING!!! You are such an amazing writer and I am so excited you’re into the blogging! 🙂 Can you believe I didn’t get one mimosa?

  2. culturefix says:

    Rosie made the blog!! Love it. Future mom blogger… or maybe the first baby blogger… Thanks for the shout-out Meg. Miss you already.

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