These Are the Days

When I was seventeen, my friend Jill and I used to love to drive around in her dad’s black Volvo sedan and listed to the 10,000 Maniacs.  We would drive by boys’ houses, or to the Emerald Square Mall or to Taco Bell where we would hide from passersby as we ate bean burritos- which we believed were the “healthy” Taco Bell item…but not so healthy that we would want anyone knowing we were at Taco Bell.  The favorite 10,000 Maniacs songs was, of course, These Are Days  and of course Natalie Merchant’s words spoke to my high school heart and I believed these were truly the best days of my life.

These are the days These are days you’ll remember Never before and never since, I promise Will the whole world be warm as this And as you feel it, You’ll know it’s true That you are blessed and lucky

Today, November 21, 2011, has been crazy in the most ordinary way, full of the nutty, the boring, the stressful in the best sense of the word.

  • My 1st grader threw a fit on the way out the door over a missing sweatshirt (I believe the filthy thing ran off on its own in search of a laundromat)
  • During the search I found a beautiful homemade necklace in a box marked “Happy Nothing Day” on top of the washer from my daughter Lexi.  She is so purely honest and loving and I guess she knows that these (nothing) days are the days.
  • My hectic work day was interrupted by a fun company activity filling baskets for needy families; truly a priveledge.
  • I came home to homework and hockey and an inexplicable cardboard guitar building project in the middle of the front doorway.
  • I am blessed and lucky enough to have my Granny, Dad and little brother Buddy’s birthdays this week, but I am a bit behind on the execution of their gifts.  Shhhh!
  • Tonight is the night I absolutely must, without a doubt go Thanksgiving dinner shopping, because I am cooking for 17…a very blessed and lucky number 🙂
  • I am going to leave as soon as I finish cooking tonight’s meatloaf.
  • While we wait, I blog, and Luke builds his cardboard guitar.  He casually mentions that the next time we go to Chelo’s, he is going to skinny dip, but not by himself because there is a sign there that says “No Skinny Dipping Alone”…isn’t 6 a little young to learn to read???
  • Aforementioned meatloaf was delayed a bit due to me checking on it and…splattering it ALL. OVER. THE. FLOOR.  It’s back in the pan and cooking again.  Shhhhh!
  • Mom- forget what you just read, I am not cooking meatloaf.  I would never do that to my children.
  • I think THESE truly are the days.
  • I KNOW that I am blessed and lucky.
  • As Melissa Gorga would say “Thank you Jesus”

These are days These are the days you might fill With laughter until you break These days you might feel A shaft of light Make its way across your face And when you do Then you’ll know how it was meant to be See the signs and know their meaning It’s true Then you’ll know how it was meant to be Hear the signs and know they’re speaking To you, to you


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6 Responses to These Are the Days

  1. liza says:

    love it meg. that song brings back memories for me too…loved natalie merchant. and you are totally right about how even through all the chaos, these are the days Now 🙂

  2. becky says:

    Fantastic post.
    That was our song in college! Love it everytime I think of it.
    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has totally procrastinated on the Thanksgiving shopping. This year we are only hosting 11ish – getting off easy.

    • Meg Handy says:

      Thanks Becky! I have no idea how that song popped in my head last night. I didn’t even hear it, at least not conciously, lol. My number keeps growing- I am up to 20 as of today. I’m cooking now- have to work tomorrow and then everyone has hockey tomorrow night- fun, fun!

  3. Ah my senior year of college came to an end with that song on all the radios. It reminds me sooo much of those last days together with friends, celebrating our time together and our last days sharing our daily lives…And hanging at the local watering hole of course LOL
    and what a wonderful post MEg – Loved it

  4. Love that song…I saw 10,000 Maniacs at Guelph University in 1990. It was a great concert, and a great song. Enjoy reading your blog.

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