It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about hockey.  Luckily Thanksgiving weekend was chock-full of hockey mom blog material.

My little one played in the Mite C Jamboree at our home league’s Annual Thanksgiving Tournament.   It’s a really cute couple of days of cross ice hockey where they don’t keep score and the kids get to play a lot of different teams and feel like superstars.  What really cracked me up was the exciting environment seemed to convince some of the parents that their kids truly are superstars.  Of course they brought their cowbells, and they brought their crazy.  My favorite nutjob of the jamboree was this guy:

I don’t know if you can tell by my cell phone photo but he is kicking the boards and banging the glass at the same time.  He is a particular fan of the young goalie, I presume that’s his son, or nephew or protegé, it’s hard to say.   But he screamed in the kid’s ear the entire time.  “Bang your pipes kid, know where you are.  Here they come.  Here they come.  Shut him down.  SHUT. HIM. DOWN!  SAVE! YES! That’s it kid, that’s it.  Alright, get up.  Bang your pipes kid.  Know where you are…”  As completely tapped as the guy was, I recognized him as an acceptable hockey parent when our goalie made a save…”nice save, goalie” he yelled.  And with those three words I decided I liked him.

After the game he called the goalie over, kneeled down to look in his eyes and said “Look at me.  You’re untouchable.  No one in here can touch you. You hear me? You’re untouchable.”  Some might question this parenting.  Many might be put off by a guy screaming “SHUT HIM DOWN!” at six-year olds in a game with no scoreboard. Personally, I am in my fifth consecutive year of Mite hockey and desperate for entertainment. If some puckhead off his meds comes along to break up the monotony, bring it, baby (I’ll even cheer him on)….you’re untouchable, buddy! Bang that plexiglass! Drink your Rockstar Energy!  Adjust your Bluetooth- no one can touch you!

Here’s my boy in the net on Friday…fortunately not the same day as the untouchable protegé.

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2 Responses to Untouchable

  1. Jo says:

    Um, yeah, I might have a wayward cowbell in my purse on the off-chance that my 8 year old makes a goal (highly unlikely as that is, since he plays defense and his coach won’t allow him inside the blue line…we play on a smaller rink instead of cross-ice). I might have possibly taken to banging the plexiglass when anything goes well for our team…you know, until I asked the kid if he could hear me and the answer was “no”. I’m desperately trying to act a bit more dignified these days… too many more outbursts and I’ll have to forfeit my midwestern roots.

    By the way, you have the cutest goalie I have ever seen!!!

    • Meg Handy says:

      LOL!! Thanks Jo, I thin he is pretty cute myself. As a mom of 2 defensemen (well 1 defenseman and a defensewoman), I can totally relate. Maybe if they were popping them in the net all the time I would have a bell too.

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