Picture Day

Tonight was Picture Night at what I like to call the “new” league, where the big kids are.  I already survived the complete shitshow that is Mite picture day at the “old” league, gotten the pictures back, left them shoved into the glass while I held a friend’s baby during practice, sent a dopey “reply all” email to the team looking for them, found out they were still shoved in the glass, called a friend that was still at the rink, drove back to the rink, and found out my friend had already found them and took them home. The good news is the new picture day reminded me of this fiasco and I actually remembered to get the pictures back tonight, two weeks later.   I know, I make this hockey mom thing just seem effortless.

Now if you are like me you have professional photos of your kids from school and sports shoved into every drawer in the house and never really get around to frame them or give them all to grandparents.  And you think of those stuffed drawers when you are faced with the complicated order forms, staring at packages A, B, C, D…the a la carte menus, the upgrades like t-shirts and mouse pads and tote bags for people who really love their children.  It’s a bit overwhelming.  My advice is to always go with the Memory Mate.   Every photographer has a Memory Mate option.  It’s usually around $12-$14, you get the 5×7 Individual and a team photo.  That’s all you need right there.  You can’t go wrong.  It’s about the MEMORIES, after all.

So this year I didn’t do the Memory Mate.  It’s because my husband was with me at the Mite picture day and he is a sucker for the trading cards.   I know this because he is always calling me from stuff asking the kids’ heights and weights.  What do I look like, a tape measure? I have no idea!  So since it was my little one’s first year of “real” hockey, we got some crazy $40 package.  (the package I left at the rink.)

Tonight I was again faced with the daunting task of writing the letters of my name and address in the weird little boxes- does the dot in my email address get its own box?- not sure.  While I internally debated continuing the 2011 photo spending spree or just sticking with the Memory Mate, I was interrupted by some nonsense about getting the two kids’ picture taken together.  Someone implied this could somehow save me money, and it sounded cute.  It meant me filling out three forms.  And the money saving option somehow added up to $54.  The plan also assumed my eleven year old would be willing to get dressed and on the ice early and pose with his younger sister, and not run off with his friends chasing a bouncing ball like shaggy haired Labrador Retrievers.  So anyway, that plan was a bust.

All this time and money spent on pictures, one would think I would have Christmas cards by now, not so much.  Right after Thanksgiving I planned to have my friend take a picture at the rink because all of my kids were in their gear at the same time.  I even did my hair and makeup in case the hubs and I decided to jump in.  I considered bringing my dog.  Thank God I didn’t. For several reasons, the plan was a bust.  Looking back I can’t believe I actually tried to stage my own picture day- I must truly be crazy.  But I guess I knew that.




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1 Response to Picture Day

  1. becky says:

    I can’t even remember the last time I opted for pictures on picture day. Probably when my youngest was a mite. When I managed my oldest’s team, I actually cancelled picture day all together – and the next year too. We now “hire” a team dad to do it . . . FREE AND ON A DISC!

    Great post!

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