Weight Issues Wednesday is Back

Tis the season to diet. Here are my  issues this Wednesday

1.  The Dukan Diet  It’s everything I like in a diet: low carb, French, and trending.  I’m a believer.  I read the book.  I started the diet.  I got stuck explaining it to everyone at work until I got bored at the sound of my own voice.  Two girls at work started it.  One of them is down ten pounds.   The other is down seven.  I am up four.  I hate them.  Yes all of this has gone down over the course of a week.

2.  My scale.  I have had the same scale for seventeen years.  I bought her at K Mart in Richmond, VA in the fall of 1994.   I was a freshman in college and needed to verify that my diet of everything in the dining hall, plus all the alcohol I could reach, topped off with a late night pizza was, indeed, making me blow up like a tick.  She served the purpose.  The scale took me thru all my yo-yo dieting and three pregnancies.  Last year my husband brought home a free gift from a customer- A super accurate, medical grade, digital scale.  It’s my mortal enemy.  I just think digital scales are so tactless the way they blurt out a number right in your face.  And I don’t trust them…one number on the carpet, another on the tile, so unpredictable and moody.  I’m going back to my K Mart special.  She might not be accurate but she knows me and what I’ve weighed my entire adult life. And she’s ok just politely gesturing toward the number without the rude display.  No more flashy digital for me.

3.  Wine.  It has been fourteen days since my last glass of red wine.  It’s remarkable I’m not skinny already.  We’ll see if I make it until next Wednesday.

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