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I Care About the Royal Wedding

I know it’s totally uncool to admit it, but I’m interested.  Every morning when he hears the Today Show countdown my husband asks rhetorically “who the #@!& cares?” I always say “people care.”  By people I mean me. I’m not like, out … Continue reading

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For Better or Worse? Breaking up with our Hockey League

I am so happy that hockey tryouts are over for a while.  I swear they are way more painful for mother than child.  I just cannot stand seeing my kid cut from a team.  Rejecting my boy is so much worse … Continue reading

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The last day of Mite Hockey, for a little while

Last Saturday was my daughter’s last Mite game and…wait for it…they WON!  It was so sweet to see those little Bad News Bears go out on a win, and see our phenomenal goalie, Anthony get a SHUT OUT.   In the last few seconds … Continue reading

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Cinderella Didn’t Eat My Daughter, My Daughter Ate Cinderella

Remember a few years back when the big rage on Facebook was to post “25 Things About Me”?  Well my #13 was: 13. I am totally intimidated by my 6 yr old daughter. She has my outgoing personality with Ryan’s … Continue reading

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Who Do You Play For?- Part II…the Sportscenter Wrap Up

I felt compelled to post an update to my last week’s post Who Do You Play For?  https://cowbellsanddreams.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/who-do-you-play-for/ This is a line from the movie Miracle,  by the way, maybe I should have made that more clear.  Which reminds me, do people get the … Continue reading

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