Why Everyone Loves a Hockey Mom

There is a reason my husband always says “hockey moms are the hottest.” They wake up early, go to bed late, scream loud, drive fast, love big and always acknowledge when the opposing goalie makes a nice save. They endure freezing cold rinks and stinky bags and though some (like me) complain, they love their babies and their babies love HOCKEY.

I love connecting with other hockey moms. Please leave a comment and say hi!  Let’s create an online community~ she who drives to practice runs the world. 

22 Responses to Why Everyone Loves a Hockey Mom

  1. Sharon Jones says:

    Hi, I’m a goalie mom, a breed amongst ourselves! Nerves of steel but a soft heart for all goalies – even the ones we are supposed to score against!

    My son just finished his second year Peewee and played at the AAA level. We live in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.


    • Julie says:

      Hi, I am a goalie mom too. Actually I have two goalies! This is so funny, because it is so true, have to have nerves of steel but definitely cheer for ALL goalies – always yelling nice save even to the other team!

  2. Meg Handy says:

    Thanks so much for saying hi! A goalie mom from Canada is hockey mom royalty as far as I’m concerned. I love your goalie mom description. Congrats to your son on his AAA season.

  3. Hockey moms rule the world! I’ve got a daughter who just finished a Squirts season and is moving on to Girls House, and a son heading to Mites in the fall. And 4 year old twin daughters, one of whom keeps asking “when do I get to play hockey”. Wife to a goalie (and I always do applaud the opposing team goalie’s saves) and hockey coach.

    • Meg Handy says:

      Hey Kristin, Sounds like you are one busy hockey mama- and I’m sure you wouldn’t have it any other way! We are keeping our daughter in with the boys for her first year of squirts next year, then taking it from there. That’s awesome you have a girls house league, we don’t have nearly enough girls. Thanks so much for stopping in!

  4. anna says:

    love reading your blog, so far i am not a hockey-mom, but my kids are still young, so you never know… i could get to join the ranks 🙂

  5. Lori says:

    Just tripped over your blog when doing a google search for something else. I’m the hockey mom of a 7-year-0ld mite girl in a city where few boys play hockey and even fewer girls have found the game. Love your descriptions of the hockey mom life.

  6. becky says:

    Yes, I’m a hockey mom too. Currently visiting Minnesota for two weeks while my bantam son goes to Minnesota Hockey Camps and I roam around the state (but mostly St. Paul). During the season, look forward to rushing into the rinks 5+days a week/9 months out of the year just to get out of the cold. We travel around the great state of Alaska all winter for this game or that. (We spend the off season on the ball field). My oldest enters high school this year to play at none other than North Pole High School. I’ve had the (enjoyment?) of being suckered into managing this competitive hockey team for two years now.

  7. Brandy says:

    A former Street hockey mom to Twin Girls, myself, before the days of foot and knee surgeries (and yes on both, twins in every sense of the word.)…. Still a hockey family at heart. Saw you on the Ragu Dinner time talk with Audrey, and Cathy… Love your blog looking forward to reading more!

  8. Lani says:

    Hockey mom here too. I have 6 kids and 3 of them totally have been raised in the rink. The oldest has been playing travel hockey since 2nd grade (now 7th), second son playing travel since 1st and now in AAA, and my third child is a girl playing for her second year of Mites house (I wised up a bit and put off travel for her!). My next 3 skate and are doing hockey class this winter. 🙂 Crockpot dinners rule for hockey moms too!

  9. Jo says:

    Another hockey mom here, in TX – don’t laugh, when it’s 110 outside, where better to hang than an ice rink? :). This is our third year in, and after two years of Mites house, we’re in Mite elite (oxymoron a bit?!) and biding time until Squirt spring season starts. Hubby and son are obsessed, and I go along for the ride and to say “good game kiddo” to all who exit the ice. Great blog!

    • Meg Handy says:

      Jo I was just listening to a Dad talking about how much he disliked having “Elite” at the end of our team name- it is pretty silly at any age. Good game kiddo – love it.

  10. Julie says:

    Hi there! Just found your blog and LOVE it! I’m a hockey mom in MN, PeeWee Goalie and Squirt player. We moved to MN for my job but also for hockey so how crazy are WE?? lol I was looking for advice on dealing with the Muffia so I stumbled on your blog and it’s GREAT! I just hate the politics in the rink – luckily as a goalie Mom on one team I can stay pretty removed from most of it but the Squirt team is out-of-control-stupid. Trying to rise above it but I’m considering taking out out a hit. haha

    • Meg Handy says:

      Julie I wonder if Squirts is a particularly bad year for politics because the happy go lucky Mite years are over but people haven’t gone their separate ways yet? My son’s 2 years of Squirts were total drama. We are in a different league for Pee Wees. Hang in there.

  11. Katie says:

    Love reading hockey mom blogs. Hockey moms are definitely a unique breed. I have two sons who just started playing last year one U8 (mite) and one who is a 1st year squirt. My oldest walked on to the travel team after just starting playing last year and is playing travel again this year. And I (we) LOVE it. There is nothing like a hockey family.

  12. Amy says:

    Wow – I just came across this blog and LOVE IT! I am a hockey Mom from Vermont with 2 boys. We were lucky enough to have them on the same team together – my oldest is a 2nd year Mite and they moved his younger brother up this year too. My husband is a coach, but why to people feel it necessary to complain to me about team/on ice issues??? Geezzz…I said Hockey Mom, NOT Hockey Wife/Assistant Coach 🙂

  13. SO happy to have found your blog! My daughter is 16 and is in her second year of high school hockey — once again the only girl on the team. It doesn’t matter that the net we bought her takes up ALL the room that was left in the garage and it takes two people to carry it out to the driveway, we LOVE HOCKEY. I just wish the equipment was somehow deductible 🙂

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